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We have the pleasure to introduce our list of Medical equipment we can offer you as we are the Exclusive Distributor of the International Supplier in KSA.

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Diagnostic Ultrasound
Top-End digital imaging technology, state of the art image quality and performance, Multi-frequency Transducers. All Models: Portable, B/W, Color Doppler and 3D/4D.
For further details about the products line, please visit www.mindray.com


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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more detailed information you may need. Moreover, it is our great pleasure to arrange a live demonstration at your convenience.
 Rehab Al-Safwa and ASA Srl. announced during the visit of Mr. Lucio Zaghetto and Mr. Roberto Terruzzi from ASA Srl. Co. for Laser systems; three different levels of courses for “Continuous Education”...more
 Mr. Lucio Zaghetto and Mr. Mr. Roberto Terruzzi from Italy representing ASA...more

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